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I wanted to let you know how satisfied I was with both the ComfortCool 2.7 whole house fan and the installation service that I received. Although it’s not burning hot yet in Riverside, it is easy to convince oneself that when it is, the fan will cool down the house very effectively: Just try closing your front door with it on… Back to the service, the person who showed up was very respectful and his work was very clean. He did not even leave one piece of dust in the house when he left… I have never seen such cleanliness before from an installation service! I will recommend you guys to everyone I talk to. Thanks again!”

Ertem Tuncel – Riverside, CA

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Learn how Whole House Fans work in a video.

Utility Rates Increase

Southern California Edison’s almost 5 million customers can expect to see an increase of on their July 2014 monthly electricity bill. The state Public Utilities Commission last week approved the rate increase, which averages 8 percent for all customers. Electricity rates will rise again next year if regulators approve an Edison proposal to change the way residential electricity bills are calculated. You can read more about the rate change at www.sce.com/ratechange

San Diego Gas and Electric: Beginning in September 2013, about a quarter of SDG&E customers will see a noticeable increase in their home energy bills. Who will be Affected? About 25 percent of SDG&E customer’s ─ those in Tiers 3 and 4 ─ will see their rates increase.

With Sky-Rocketing Energy Prices…
Investing in a Quiet Whole House Fan with Comfort Cool is a Smart Financial Decision!

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Video: How Whole House Fans Work

  • A whole house fan pulls cool fresh air in through open windows while exhausting the hot stale air out through roof or gable vents.
  • Using a quiet whole house fan to cool your home can substitute for an air conditioner most of the year in many climates.
  • Whole house fans are also referred to as whole house attic fans and whole house exhaust fans.