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Thanks! The WHF is “fan”-tastic! The past 5 days has more than justified it. Nice to turn it on in the evenings to clear the hot air from the house, then push the 1hr button on the remote and fall asleep with a cool breeze from the window. Should have done this years ago. Joel did a great job installing and was quick. Well done.
Rick Van Leeuwen (Lake Forest, CA)
Comfort Cool installed a whole house fan in our house and it has made a tremendous difference!. For years we suffered through the heat, not wanting to turn on our A/C when we could tell the temperature outside was cooler than inside. The whole house fan works so well, it is now chilly inside the house after a few hours. It has made such a noticeable difference that I can’t believe we didn’t install this device sooner. Dave and his team were extremely professional. All of the pricing is upfront right on their website and there are no hidden costs. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We couldn’t be happier!
Wayne Fields (Lake Forest, CA)
I wanted to let you know how satisfied I was with both the 2.7 whole house fan and the installation service that I received last week. Although it’s not burning hot yet in Riverside, it is easy to convince oneself that when it is, the whole house fan will cool down the house very effectively: Just try closing your front door with it on! You will be amazed at how forceful a wind current the system creates… Back to the service. The person who showed up was very respectful and his work was very clean. He did not even leave one piece of dust in the house when he left. He brought shoe covers and wore them every time he entered the house, took them off every time he went into the attic, wore them again every time he stepped out of the attic, and so on. He brought yards and yards of long pieces of cloth and laid them all the way to the attic. I have never seen such cleanliness before from an installation service! I will recommend you guys to everyone I talk to. Thanks again
Ertem Tuncel (Riverside, CA)
David Goodbrand installed our Comfort Cool whole house ventilation system and what a pleasant experience that was! If you’re considering a whole house fan I highly recommend David and Comfort Cool Whole House fans. We’ve used the fan –  2.7 – a few times already and been very happy with its performance. We used the whole house fan to cool the house a couple of nights when it got really warm. Another time, I burnt some popcorn or tortillas (can’t remember which one now) and so we turned it on. The fan quickly got rid of the unpleasant burn smell, in seconds literally.
Anita Colemen (Irvine, CA)
The installer arrived right on schedule, was very professional and explained everything including warranty information and answered all our numerous questions. The whole house fan was installed within two hours. The installer left the area spotless and we are very pleased with the product. My neighbor had a different fan installed recently from another company, which is so much louder than ours, I am so pleased we chose Comfort Cool Fan over the competitors.
Diane Shindler (Irvine, CA)
Mike was able to schedule me for the day after I called to order, and David came to install the fan. It took about four hours to install. The opening is covered with a grate that really isn’t very noticeable. David showed us how to work it and went over the best ways to take advantage of our new fan. We are very happy with it and know it will cool our house this summer.
Karrin Hopper
I recently ran into David with ComfortCool Whole House Fans at a little league game and wanted to let him know that the whole house fan I had installed over 5 years ago is one of the best home investments I’ve ever made. After about the second year it completely paid for itself. Before we had the whole house fan we were constantly being charged the higher Tier rates by our electric company because of our air conditioning use, now that never happens. I highly recommend Dave and his company to everyone.
Steve Kiernan (Trabuco Canyon, CA)