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Comfort Cool Whole House Fan Pictures

The following whole house fan pictures show how easy a Comfort Cool whole house fan is to install.
  1. Cutting Drywall and Installing the Whole House Fan Damper Box (No Framing Required)
    1. Use the inside of the grill as a template and then cut out the drywall in the ceiling
      Photo of Cutting out the drywall in the ceiling.
    2. Slip whole house fan damper box between existing joist and attach with hardware and screws provided.
    3. Screw the brackets for the damper box into the joists

    4. Place the whole house fan damper box on the metal support brackets and screw the damper box into the joist. Damper box shown is the Cold Weather Damper. Backdraft damper is included in standard price.
  2. Securing Fan

    Mount whole house fan motor to attic structure using custom bracket provided.

  3. Ceiling Grille

    Install the whole house fan grille over opening in ceiling using screws provided.

  4. Electrical
    1. Plug electrical cord from fan into outlet socket on control box provided.
    2. Plug electrical cord from control box into a standard home electrical outlet socket.

    A photo of the standard household power cord that you use to plug in your whole house fan.