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Whole House Fan Sales & Installation Process

Why Purchase your whole house fan from Comfort Cool Fans?

Comfort Cool Fans, Inc., is your One-Stop Shop to purchase, install and warranty your whole house fan. Other companies will typically sell you their system and refer you to someone else to install it. This can create problems in the event that something goes wrong. If the system quits working, who will take responsibility for fixing it? The manufacturer may provide the part but not pay for the labor. Since Comfort Cool Fans is both the manufacturer and a license contractor (License #962629), we provide both the parts and labor warranty.

The Comfort Cool Approach to Selling and Installing Your Whole House Fan!

Comfort Cool Fans never requires homeowners to pay a deposit. We also do not hire expensive sales people to come to your home just to verify you have sufficient space and attic ventilation; the fact is that most homes are built this way. It’s for this reason we can advertise our price on our website and never charge more than is published.

If you decide to schedule an appointment for an installation, one of our approved contractors will come to your home, climb in the attic and verify your attic ventilation. They will also find a good location for the system to be installed; typically a hallway or top of the stairs. If they find that your home has sufficient attic ventilation and you give them the go ahead to proceed, they will install the system right then and there. If they find that your home does not have sufficient space or ventilation, they will let you know and since we never charge any money upfront you won’t pay a dime.

If your home has a flat roof or does not have an attic, unfortunately our whole house fans will not work for you (sorry).

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