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CentricAir Attic Fans: Cooling for Your Attic Space

Centricair attic fan

IMPORTANT: Difference between Attic Fans and Whole House Fans:
A whole house fan is a primary cooling device that can significantly reduce or even eliminate the need for air conditioning. Whole house fans are designed to cool both the attic and living space (click here to learn more about whole house fans). An attic fan replaces the hot air in the attic only and has limited impact on cooling the living space.

Exceptional Power, Extremely Energy Efficient!

The CentricAir Attic fan is a high quality, powerful and ultra quiet. It uses a German engineered, industrial grade fan motor that can provide 30% more power while using 1/3 less energy as compared to other industry standard fans.

  • Precision balanced fan made of composite materials with wingtips makes for a whisper quiet operation
  • Sealed motor prevents dirt & debris from plugging the motor, contributing to premature failure
  • 1580 CFM. Uses just 180 watts (less than 1.5 amps). Plugs into a standard 120v outlet
  • Custom sheet metal box allows for easy installation and maximum airflow through the gable vent for increased efficiency
  • Includes a remote control with timer or thermostat that automatically activates the fan to exhaust the heat from the attic

Installation Video

CentricAir Attic Fan


$795.00 - Includes Installation, remote control or thermostat and sales tax

The CentricAir attic fan is German engineered and acoustically designed. This high efficient fan comes with a 15-year fan motor warranty is rated for 40,000 hours of operation. It fits most standard gable vents

See Specs

Money back guarantee
15 year warranty
Assembled in USA

Centricair attic fan adjustable thermostat

Included Controls

Adjustable Thermostat

The adjustable thermostat lets you set the temperature that your attic fan turns on at.

Centricair attic fan single speed remote


Wireless Single Speed Remote Control & Timer

Plug & Play. No Wires To Run. Just plug into an outlet. Our Wireless Single speed remote control with timer (1, 2, 4, 8 hours or ON) allows you to operate the fan up to 100 feet away. Make yoursystem more convenient to use and eliminate the need to cut holes and run wires down the…

Smart Plug 1 249x

Optional Third Party Controls

WiFi Compatible

CentricAir and QA-Deluxe products are compatible with a variety of smart home devices including Amazon Alexa, Google Home, WeMo and others. These third party controls and smart plugs are not sold by CentricAir. If interested in one of these WiFi controls we recommend purchasing our On/Off remote control with timer. This option is available for… WeMo is a third party device and is not sold or supported by CentricAir

CentricAir Attic Fan (Review)

CentricAir Attic Fan
5/ 5 stars
"WOW. I had to climb back in the attic to confirm it was running. It’s unbelievable quiet.
I literally cannot hear it from inside the home when it’s on..."
- by
September 7th, 2020
$795.00 (IN STOCK)

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